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The 495 NEXT Interactive Map provides information about the project’s design and what is being constructed. Design elements and features are color coded according to the map legend. 495 NEXT is a design-build project, and details shown on this interactive map are subject to change and may be updated as the project's design is finalized.

Explore the most recent project plans with the interactive map. (Updated November 2023). View enlarged map
*information is based on the 2019 United States Army Corps of Engineers-approved Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination
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  • Rotate your mouse wheel to change the scale of the map (zoom in and out).
  • As you zoom in, more design details and project features will be visible.
  • If you're looking for more information about or near a specific location, type the address into the search box in the upper left-hand corner and hit enter or the search button to zoom to that location.
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The 495 Express Lanes Northern Extension study was an environmental study that proposed to extend the 495 Express Lanes by approximately three miles from the 495 and Dulles Toll Road interchange to the vicinity of the American Legion Bridge. Below is a map of the environmental study area associated with the study.

Project map

Access Points Map

Access Points Map

Northern Virginia Express Lanes Network Map (August 2023)


The 495 NEXT project team has produced visualizations of what the proposed design might look like from viewpoints near the George Washington Memorial Parkway and Dulles Toll Road interchanges. To view, click here.

Additional Maps & Plans

Document File / Size
Construction Plans (December 2022)
South of Existing Express Lanes to the Dulles Corridor Interchange
PDF, 61.59 MB
Construction Plans (December 2022)
Dulles Corridor Interchange to Old Dominion Drive
PDF, 67.95 MB
Construction Plans (December 2022)
Old Dominion Drive to Live Oak Drive
PDF, 154.58 MB
Construction Plans (December 2022)
Live Oak Drive to the George Washington Memorial Parkway
PDF, 108.52 MB
Appendix C of the Minimum Standards 19 Report (May 2022) PDF, 274 MB
Project Wide Post-development Storm Water Management Outfall Roll Plot (May 2022) PDF, 20.9 MB
Project Wide Pre-development Storm Water Management Outfall Roll Plot (May 2022) PDF, 26.4 MB
495 NEXT Stormwater Management Roll Plot (May 2022) PDF, 37.9 MB
Live Oak Drive Preliminary Project Concept Maps (March 2022) PDF, 3.1 MB
Public Hearing Design Boards, Plans (October 2020) PDF, 9.3MB
Limited Access Lines (March 2020) PDF, 5.1MB
Noise Barrier Roll Plots (March 2020) PDF, 5.8MB
Design Plans (February 2020) PDF, 51.9MB